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Cat6a Network Line
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Cat6a Shielded Cable

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  First, the main products of the enterprise
  Dongguan City Tai Fung Electronics Co. Ltd., specializing in the production of cable manufacturers. Our factory main products are non shielding, shielding or double shielding of the five categories, ultra five, six types of line network, network jumper, water blocking cable. All kinds of network lines have passed CE, ISO9001:2000, UL certification, ultra five and six types of network lines through the FLUKE test. Factory direct sales, price concessions, can be based on your quantitative. Welcome all customers to come to order consultation.
  Two, product description
  Network lines are divided into three types: non shielding, single shielding, double shielding, five categories, five categories, six categories, categories of network lines, six types of shielding cable, super six types of network cable, seven types of network cable
  Conductor material: oxygen free copper,
  Conductor diameter: single strand: 00.50mm/0.56mm/0.57mm
  Multi strand: 7*0.12mm/7*0.16mm/7*0.20mm
  Insulation material: PE
  Sheath: PVC
  Application: Network
  Origin: Shenzhen Guangdong
  Shielding: aluminum foil, woven + aluminum foil
  Woven net number: 32 nets, 48 nets, 64 nets, 80 nets, 96 nets, 112 nets, 128 nets
  Packing: 305m/ box
  Three, suitable for network jumper:
  The jumper panel, panel, hubs, wireless access ports, modems and other senior network applications
  Top performance of the 6 types of cables, the cross skeleton of the structure to provide real 6 types of performance, suitable for a variety of Engineering applications.
  Using the cross skeleton separation structure, to provide real 6 types of performance
  Performance over 568B.2 TIA/EIA six class standards
  Six types of modular patch cord is stranded 24awg UTP soft jumper cable, performance above and beyond the requirements of the ANSI/TIA/ EIA 568-a super five jumpers. At the same time standard scheme, requirement of six channel, so it has very low loss and high bandwidth, suitable for use in a wide range of integrated wiring system.
  The jumper is CAT6, UTP, AWG/24, RJ45-RJ45, T568A-T568B, 10/100/1000Base-T, 8P8C, 50U, Molding,. The jumper can provide 1 meters, 2 meters, 3 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters, 15 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters all kinds of different length products, also can according to the requirements of customers customized length, according to the color can be customized black, green, yellow, red, blue, pink, white, gray and so on each kind of color jumper. Suitable according to the color to do different sub network division
  Application of refined jumper on the panel, patch panel, a network hub, wireless access port, a modem, and other senior network application equipment characteristics module of stress eliminating device and PVC overlapping injection; is not easy to break, durable to ensure error free data transmission smooth, protecting lug design: strong flexibility, effectively protect the RJ45 crystal head lug is not affected by the impact and damage, easy to plug.
  Four, characteristics:
  The 7 conductor, FRPVC cable sheath, soft and comfortable;
  Prolong the service life of the internal quality long strands;
  Those made of glue technology, wire sealing oxidation;
  The gradient type lengthened sheath, slip tensile force principle, guarantee a certain bending radius;
  The different colors, the length of the jumper cable management is more simple;
  - support T568A (ISDN) and T 568B (ALT) pin configuration;

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